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Creature Feature (2004)

Interview with Gore de Vol at a horror film and memoribilia convention.

Future Shock (1976)

Marilyn lipsynching an abbreviated version of "Benihana" on the short-lived Future Shock, hosted by James Brown.

MCTV (1987)

Marilyn and Eric Edwards host an adult lifestyle show intended for cable syndication.

My Therapist (1985)

Read more about this here.

Interview Clip (1983)

Short clip from the segment "The Queen of X" as featured on Playboy Video Magazine, Vol. 4. At the time Marilyn was promoting Up 'n' Coming.

Pornography: A Secret History of Civilization (1999)

Segment from the six-part British documentary. Marilyn talks about Behind the Green Door, porno chic, and Insatiable. There's also behind-the-scenes footage from Still Insatiable.

"Shame on You" from Insatiable (1980)

Recorded in London in 1979, "Shame on You" was used as the theme song for Insatiable. Read more about it here and purchase it on iTunes.

Interview (2000), Part 1 of 2

This interview was featured as a DVD extra for the release of Rated X, the made-for-television movie about the Mitchell brothers, portrayed by real-life brothers Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez.

Interview (2000), Part 2 of 2

Note the VCA charm on Marilyn's necklace. At the time she was signed to VCA for a three-picture deal including her comeback feature Still Insatiable (1999).

Efrom Allen's Underground (1976)

Marilyn appeared on the New York public access television show to take calls from viewers and plug Le Bellybutton which was currently playing at the Diplomat Cabaret Theatre.

Efrom Allen's Underground (1976)

Clips from an appearance on the New York public access show, dates unknown.

Consumer Electronics Show (1982)

Marilyn appeared at numerous Consumer Electronics Shows in the early '80s, usually on behalf of a home video company that was distributing her X-rated films. She also performed with her band Haywire at several shows.

Midnight Blue (1976)

Marilyn appeared on Al Goldstein's New York public access television show to plug Le Bellybutton. This interview was featured on the DVD release The Midnight Blue Collection, Vol. 2.

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