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Marilyn Chambers: My Story (1975)
Marilyn Chambers:
My Story (1975/2014)

Marilyn's "erotobiography" written and released to cash in on the porno chic fad. It's most likely Chuck Traynor wrote or co-wrote most of the book. It sold fairly well -- enough to get a second pressing -- and was reissued in 2014 with a new foreward by Marilyn's daughter. Read more.

Xaviera Meets Marilyn Chambers (1976)
Xaviera Meets Marilyn Chambers (1976)

Marilyn teamed up with Xaviera Hollander, the renowned Happy Hooker, for an explicit "tell-all." But the two ladies, despite the book's content, the ladies weren't nearly as close as they led readers to believe. Read more.

Sensual Secrets by Marilyn Chambers (1981)
Sensual Secrets (1981)

Sensual Secrets was a mail-order book with tips and tricks for a better sex life. It featured lush, beautiful photographs throughout. A young Ron Jeremy appears on the cover and in several of the photos. Read more.

Marilyn Chambers' Sex Advice Columns (1976-1992)
Sex Advice Columns (1976-1992)

For 16 years, Marilyn wrote a sex advice column for two different publications: Genesis and Club. Read more.

Notable books featuring Marilyn
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