Up 'n' Coming (1983)

Marilyn Chambers is Up 'n' Coming, 1983

It's All About Eve-meets-Valley of the Dolls-meets-porn in one of Marilyn's campiest, most enjoyable films. She plays Cassie Harland, an up-and-coming (get it?) -- and sexually charged -- country singer whose meteoric rise threatens the career and ego of the drunk and drugged-up reigning country superstar Althea Anderson (Lisa DeLeeuw, in a wonderfully over-the-top performance).

Following the box-office success of Insatiable, Marilyn's next film was designed to showcase not only her acting but singing abilities. At the time Marilyn was lead singer of a country & western band called Haywire. If you look closely at the tour bus shown throughout the film, the banner on its side has the band's name and logo. Marilyn performs one song, "Money Can't Buy," in the film.

In a 2000 interview with Adult DVD Talk Marilyn said: "When I did Up 'n' Coming I had pneumonia. It was a bad time in my life. I was going through a divorce. I wanted to redo the singing on that. After we did Up 'n' Coming we did a tape with about 12 songs on it. I'm very proud of those. The band was Haywire. It was a great time in my life." While her voice is unusually raspy in the film any signs of illness are virtually nonexistent.


The was also released to cable television and on video in an R-rated version called Cassie.


Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Lisa DeLeeuw, Herschel Savage, Richard Pacheco, Cody Nicole, Loni Sanders, Tom Byron, John La Zar, and John C. Holmes

Producer & Director: Godfrey Daniels (aka Stu Segall)

Writer: Jim Holliday

Music: Chet Moore and Jim Moore

Released: January 7, 1983 (US), Miracle Films

Availability: In print, DVD


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Marilyn Chambers in Up 'n' Coming, 1983
Marilyn Chambers and Herschel Savage in Up 'n' Coming, 1983
Marilyn Chambers and Herschel Savage in Up 'n' Coming, 1983
Marilyn Chambers and Richard Pacheco in Up 'n' Coming, 1983
Marilyn Chambers in Up 'n' Coming, 1983

Up 'n' Coming was promoted heavily in the pages of Club and other adult entertainment magazines.

Clockwise from top: with Herschel Savage; with Richard Pacheco; with Cody Nicole

Marilyn Chambers in Up 'n' Coming, 1983