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Still Insatiable (1999)

Marilyn Chambers is Still Insatiable, 1999

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Stacy Valentine, Kylie Ireland, Juli Ashton, Vicca, Nikita, Chloe, Julian, Mr. Marcus, Jack Garfield, Julian St. Jox, Jack Garfield, Tyce Bune; guest appearances by Ron Jeremy, Gloria Leonard, Georgina Spelvin, Veronica Hart

Director: Veronica Hart

Producer: Chanze & Veronica Hart (as Jane Hamilton)

Writer: Legs McNeil

Released: August 1, 1999, VCA Pictures

What the Critics Said:

"Still Insatiable finds a clever way to bring Marilyn Chambers back to the adult scene, having her portray a right-wing legislator who helps form a National Obscenity Enforcement Unit to fight pornography and save the "victimized" women who are coerced into performing sex on camera. Obviously this is not the Marilyn Chambers of Behind the Green Door. Though she seems to enjoy her four robust sex scenes, and she'll be the reason that this will be one of 1999's biggest hits, the rest of the erotic segments give this high-budget story its flair."

-- Adult Video Network, 1999

Marilyn's much-hyped return to X-rated films was this in-name-only sequel to Insatiable and Insatiable II. She plays Senator Charlotte Ballworth (a riff on the Warren Beatty film Bullworth), a staunch anti-pornography crusader whose personal life -- namely in the form of her ultra-sexy bodyguard -- begins to change her mind about her political endeavors.


Marilyn signed a three-picture deal with VCA in 1999. The main reason she returned to hardcore pornography was the money, although it's unclear how much she got. Marilyn told Leg Show magazine in 2000 that she signed with VCA specifically because Veronica Hart was going to direct the three films, and that VCA had a condoms-only policy with very strict AIDS tests for its performers. She added: "The third reason -- and this isn't just because I'm older -- is because I don't really see many older women who are very sexy in adult films...You know, not everything is as tight as it used to be, but a 48-year-old woman has a lot of experience. Especially me!"

Carnal Comics' version of Marilyn Chambers in Still Insatiable, 1999
Carnal Comics' version of Marilyn Chambers in Still Insatiable, 1999

Carnal Comics, one of the best known adult comic imprints, teamed with Veronica Hart to produce comics based on two of Hart's films, including Still Insatiable. The finished product was a 32-page black-and-white comic with color photos on the covers.

Marilyn Chambers in Still Insatiable, 1999
Marilyn Chambers in Still Insatiable, 1999
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