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A limited-run New York solo cabaret show that had its beginnings as a multi-performer burlesque show called Skin 'n' Grin in New Jersey in which Marilyn was the headliner. Read more.

The stage play Mind with the Dirty Man played Las Vegas for the entire 52 weeks of 1975. The show, which was the longest running play in Las Vegas at the time, was well received and earned good notices for Marilyn. Read more.

Following Marilyn's successful run in Mind with the Dirty Man she starred in the Off-Off-Broadway adult revue Le BellybuttonRead more.

The Neil Simon play played Las Vegas for 8 months in 1977. Read more.

A one-woman show written by Mel Goldberg, Sex Surrogate played Las Vegas in 1979. In it Marilyn not only portrayed the titular character but all of the surrogate's male clients using different voices and mannerisms. Read more.

Marilyn Chambers Live
Personal Appearances

Marilyn made appearances in strip clubs in the 1970s and 1980s, including an infamous appearance at the Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrell Theatre in 1985 at which she was arrested. Read more.

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