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Benihana/So I Cried a Little Bit by Marilyn Chambers, 1977
Benihana/So I Cried a Little Bit (1977)

Marilyn's foray into disco was a modestly successful one-off single written and produced by Michael Zager and released on Roulette Records. Read more.

Shame on You by Marilyn Chambers, 1980
Shame on You/Morning Noon & Nite Time (1980)

The theme song from Insatiable was featured throughout the film and released as a single in 1980. Read more.

Marilyn Chambers & Haywire
Haywire (1982-1985)

For several years Marilyn fronted a country and western band called Haywire. The band appeared in Up 'n' Coming and played various shows around Vegas. They recorded a full-length album that was never released. Read more.

Still Insatiable by Marilyn Chambers, 1999
Still Insatiable (1999)

For Marilyn's X-rated comeback she teamed up with her old band to sing the theme song. It was released on a spoken word disc with Marilyn discussing her career. Read more.

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