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Still Insatiable (1999)

Marilyn Chambers, "Still Insatiable," 1999
Still Insatiable (1999)

USACD-1110 / Purchase the CD on Amazon


For her return to porn Marilyn hooked up with her old band to sing the title song from her comeback film Still Insatiable. The song, written by Tom Hollenbaugh and Lisa Shea, was featured on a 60-minute spoken-word disc also called Still Insatiable (USA Music Group) and featured in three versions: the original version, an edited radio version and an instrumental track. It's worth noting that near the end of this disc Marilyn says that she has an album of her music coming out, however, it's unclear if it was newly recorded material or older recordings with her country band Haywire. Unfortunately the album never materialized.​

Still Insatiable (Radio Version)Marilyn Chambers
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