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Shame on You/Morning Noon & Nite Time (1980)

Cover for 2014 reissue of Marilyn Chambers' single "Shame on You" (1980)

A subsidiary of Miracle Films, the production company that distributed Insatiable, Miracle Records released the incredibly catchy theme song, "Shame On You," from that film in 1980. The song was written by Chris and Don Sciarrotta and produced Dennis Nikola and Don Sciarrotta. According to the DVD commentary of Insatiable, Marilyn said she recorded the song in London in 1979. She likely did so while filming Insatiable and/or while performing the London version of Sex Confessions (aka Sex Surrogate). This is arguably Marilyn's finest vocal performance.

The b-side "Morning Noon & Nite Time" is also featured in Insatiable. However, the version in the film is sung as a duet by an unidentified man and woman. This single features a solo performance by Marilyn.


In July 2014, "Shame on You" was released to iTunes and all major digital outlets worldwide. Click here to download.

"Shame On You"/"Morning Noon & Nite Time"

Performer: Marilyn Chambers

Writers: Chris & Don Sciarrotta/Chris Sciarrotta & Dick Monda

Producers: Dennis Nicklos & Don Sciarrotta

Engineer: Glenn Wallace

Released: 1980, Miracle Records (Division of Miracle Films), MR-1001

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