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Cassie (1987)

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Lisa DeLeeuw, Herschel Savage, Richard Pacheco, Cody Nicole, Loni Sanders, Tom Byron, John La Zar

Producer & Director: Godfrey Daniels (aka Stu Segall)

Writer: Jim Holliday

Music: Chet Moore and Jim Moore

Released: 1987, Key International Film Productions, Inc.

Cassie is the soft-core, R-rated version of Up 'n' Coming, filmed at the same time as the X-rated version. It's the exact same story but what's interesting to note is that there are scenes featured in Cassie that are not included in Up 'n' Coming. Presumably this was done to pad time between the trimmed-down or deleted sex scenes, but these scenes are really crucial as they offer more back story, develop the characters and give everyone, especially Marilyn, a chance to act and sing...well, sort of.  It's anyone's guess why these scenes weren't included in the X-rated version though it's likely because the producers and director assumed the audience paying to see the X version didn't want to sit through too many non-sexual, dialogue-heavy scenes. The final orgy scene of Up 'n' Coming is replaced with a different non-sex scene, which makes sense given Cassie's R rating (John Holmes isn't even in the movie). However, the scene, which isn't in Up 'n' Coming, shows Cassie performing one last song, and has Marilyn's vocals dubbed by an unnamed singer! It's both baffling and largely disappointing at the decision to do this as it would have been great to hear Marilyn perform again with Haywire.

Cassie was made available on VHS from Abacus Entertainment (see photo at left) and was likely shown on cable TV. Also, the print of the film used for the VHS is much brighter and less muddier and darker than the print used for the Up 'n' Coming DVD from i-candy. It would be great to get a remastered version of Up 'n' Coming on DVD with a quality print and Cassie as a bonus feature. In the meantime, it's worth seeking out a copy of Cassie on VHS. A VHS-to-DVD transfer can be found online and is sold collector-to-collector.

Left: Adult magazine promoting the release of Up 'n' Coming. Notice the clapboard lists the film title as Cassie.

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