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Marilyn Chambers: My Story (1975/2014)​

Marilyn Chambers: My Story (1975)

Copyright © 1975 by Marilyn Chambers

Warner Paperback Library Edition, a division of Warner Books, Inc.; First Printing: June 1975

Copyright © 2014 by the Estate of Marilyn Chambers

BearManor Media; Reissue: July 31, 2014

What the Critics Said:

The intimate, uncensored erotobiography of the pure-as-snow porn queen. ​​Sixteen pages of personal photos of the star of "Behind the Green Door" and "The Resurrection of Eve."​

On the soap box, she's 99-44/ 100% pure!​ On the wide screen, she's 100% pure sex!​


Marilyn Chambers, The All-American Porn Queen​

She looks like the girl next door. Maybe she is, if that door is painted green. She's the symbol of purity -- and pure sexuality. How does Marilyn Chambers manage to be all things to all men -- and sometimes women? Let the Eve of X-rated ecstasy tell you all about it.​

  • Where and how she learned how good sex can be.​

  • What it's like to act out everybody's secret sexual fantasies for all the world to see.​

  • What turns her on privately -- and who.​

It all began, says Marilyn, because "Some people need sex more than others, and I happen to be one of them."​

Marilyn Chambers in Penthouse magazine, 1975
My Story by Marilyn Chambers (2014)

When the book was released Penthouse magazine ran an excerpt.

In 2014, BearManor Media re-released the book in paperback and online formats. The reissue features a foreward by Marilyn's daughter McKenna Taylor. Purchase a copy here.

Her book is a good read...for a number of reasons. One is that whoever wrote it (it's hard to believe she did) does a competent job of exciting a reader's page-turning mechanism. There's enough sex and enough of an inside glimpse of the fascinating (to outsiders) porno industry to hook even reluctant readers. Another reason why people are going to want to read her story is the famous contradiction between her delicate all-American beauty (which is why Procter & Gamble chose her as their Ivory Snow queen) and the scene in Behind the Green Door in which she acts out every male chauvinist's fantasy by sucking, fucking, and jerking off four men at once.

-- The Best of Screw, No. 10, Summer 1976​

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