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Sex Advice Columns (1976-1992)​

Marilyn Chambers' sex advice column in Club magazine, 1981

Marilyn wrote a sex advice column for two different adult publications, Genesis and Club magazines, from the late 1970s until the early 1990s. In a 2005 interview, she said: "I wrote a column...for 18 years...that was really my words. That was really hard to come up to answers which basically came out to about 10 questions on the whole, the same kind of 10 questions. And it was interesting because I would do all this stuff and then I'd be able to write about it. So it was really cool."


GENESIS: Private Chambers (1976-1978)

CLUB: The Marilyn Chambers Sex Talk-In, later renamed State of the Nation and Dear Marilyn (1981-1992)

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