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Resurrection of Eve (1973)

One sheet poster for Resurrection of Eve starring Marilyn Chambers, 1973

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Matthew Armon, Johnnie Keyes, Mimi Morgan​

Director: Jon Fontana & Artie Mitchell

Producer: James & Artie Mitchell

Writer: Jon Fontana & Artie Mitchell

Music: Richard Wynkoop​

Released: September 13, 1973 (US), Mitchell Brothers Film Group; November 22, 1973 (UK); October 9, 1976 (Japan)​

Availability: In print, DVD; numerous VHS, Betamax, 16MM and 8MM copies from the 70s, 80s and 90s are available on eBay and through online collectors; a 35MM print likely exists in the Mitchell Brothers' holdings (Cinema Seven Ltd.) or with private collectors

"'It's really going to appeal to a female audience,' [Marilyn] told SHOW with great enthusiasm. 'It's a film about today -- women want to be equal; they don't want to be pushed around by men and treated like creatures of a lower order.'"

-- SHOW,  September 1973

Now this is the type of story that could only be pulled off in a porno: Eve, sexually abused as a girl (we know because we're shown it), meets a San Francisco DJ named Frank Paradise. He's a player but is also insanely jealous, especially when Eve begins spending time with boxing star Johnnie Keyes. After an argument Eve races out of the apartment and gets into a car accident. She's horribly disfigured but doctors are able to give her a new face. When the bandages are peeled off they reveal a new Eve (Marilyn). She and Frank marry and he soon tries to get her interested in group sex. She resists at first but once she tries it she finds she loves it and begins to experience her own form of independence.

Follow the revelation of Marilyn's appearance on the Ivory Soap boxes and the resulting box-office bonanza for Behind the Green Door, the Mitchells and she teamed up for Resurrection of Eve. While the box office wasn't nearly as strong as Green Door, it did strong business in large part thanks to the press that Green Door, Marilyn, the brothers and porno chic received in the first half of 1973. In many ways, following the release of the film, Marilyn's life mirrored that of her character Eve's. In early 1974 Marilyn began talking with Chuck Traynor, the former manager and now ex-husband of Linda Lovelace. Despite Traynor's notorious reputation as a Rasputin, Marilyn, unbeknownst to the Mitchell Brothers, signed a contract with Traynor for him to become her manager.​ When Marilyn told the Mitchells they were angry and hurt. But Marilyn exerted her independence from the brothers who, in retaliation, put together the "documentary" Inside Marilyn Chambers. That film features takes of deleted scenes from Eve.

The final orgy scene in Eve was filmed at the Great American Music Hall, a concert venue in San Francisco next door to the O'Farrell Theater.

Marilyn Chambers in "Resurrection of Eve," 1973
Marilyn Chambers at the premiere of "Resurrection of Eve," 1973

Marilyn being interviewed by reporter Kevin Sanders at one of the Resurrection of Eve premieres in New York City, October 1, 1973.

Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrell Theatre, San Francisco, 1973
Marilyn Chambers in Resurrection of Eve, 1973
Marilyn Chambers in Resurrection of Eve, 1973
Marilyn Chambers in Resurrection of Eve, 1973

Top: Marquee of the O'Farrell Theatre in San Francisco (southwest corner of Polk Street and O'Farrell Street) advertising daily showings of Resurrection of Eve. Bottom: Promotional photos for Resurrection of Eve.

Marilyn Chambers in Resurrection of Eve, 1973
Marilyn Chambers and Matthew Armon in a deleted scene from Resurrection of Eve, 1973

Above: Marilyn and co-star Matthew Armon in a deleted scene from the film. Clips of the scene are featured in Inside Marilyn Chambers. Left: Advertisement put together by the Mitchell Brothers touting their latest find.

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