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Inside Marilyn Chambers (1975)

One-sheet poster for the documentary "Inside Marilyn Chambers" (1975)

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Johnnie Keyes, George S. McDonald, Tyler Reynolds, Art Mitchell, Jim Mitchell

Producer & Director: The Mitchell Brothers

Released: May 21, 1975 (US), Mitchell Brothers Film Group

Availability: In print, DVD; numerous VHS, Betamax, 16MM and 8MM copies from the 70s, 80s and 90s are available on eBay and through online collectors; a 35MM print likely exists in the Mitchell Brothers' holdings (Cinema Seven Ltd.) or with private collectors

"The All-American Girl Laid Bare!" declared the ads but there are only shades of the truth in Inside Marilyn Chambers, a supposed documentary put together by the Mitchell Brothers in retaliation for Marilyn leaving them for Chuck Traynor. Using outtakes and alternate shots from Behind the Green Door and Resurrection of Eve, as well as interviews with Marilyn, Johnnie Keyes, George S. McDonald and Tyler Reynolds, the film tells Marilyn's story about her life and how she got into X films. The film only really comes alive during the few times Marilyn is interviewed and, from a historical perspective, it's interesting to see the various outtakes from Green Door and Eve, including a scene from Eve which never appeared in the final version.

"I hated that film and I still do," Marilyn told John Hubner in the 1992 book Bottom Feeders. "It's supposed to be the story of my life, and it's not true. Jim and Art ripped me off. They felt I'd betrayed them. 'How dare I not be loyal? How dare I go behind their backs?' I felt they betrayed me, and for many years, we didn't speak. Only when money was to be made did we start talking again."

A 1977 Los Angeles Times article said that, like Green Door and Eve, Marilyn received 10% of the profits for Inside. She did make appearances at the O'Farrell Theater in 1976 to promote the film.​

Inside Marilyn Chambers poster, 1975
Inside Marilyn Chambers poster, 1975

Two ultra rare posters for Inside Marilyn Chambers. It's unclear how or where they were used.

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