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Marilyn Chambers Live (1970s-1990s)​

Marilyn Chambers performs her erotic strip show, circa 1980

Live performances at burlesques and strip clubs proved very lucrative for Marilyn, especially in the 1980s when she wasn't making a film. They also proved controversial. In 1985 she made national headlines when she was arrested not once but twice in the middle of her act in two different cities, and charged on both occasions with soliciting prostitution. It's unclear how many live shows and personal appearances Marilyn made during her lifetime. If you saw her live, or know of a performance that isn't included in this list, please contact me.



  • July 27-30: Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrell Theatre, San Francisco ("The Return of Marilyn Chambers," San Francisco Chronicle, July 25, 1999; July 28, 1999 was declared "Marilyn Chambers Day" in the City of San Francisco by Mayor Willie Brown)

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