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Stash (2007)

Marilyn Chambers in Stash, 2007

This comedy mockumentary follows Jimmy Fox (King) and his cousin Bobby (Clinger), who, upon one's death, are tasked with discretely removing the dead person's secret stash of porn videos and magazines without their family knowing. Marilyn plays Jimmy's mother-in-law, who is threatening legal action against him.

The film won Best Comedy at the Queens International Film Festival in 2007.

Starring: Brian King, Will Clinger, Tim Kazurinsky, Marilyn Chambers, Mary Kay Cook,  Jim Carrane, Noelle Bou-Sliman, Cheryl Lynn Golemo, Tom Groenwald,

Writer & Director: Jay Bonansinga

Producer: Jay Bonansinga, Lance Catania, Kenneth Nilsson, Walter Maksym, Peter Miller, Terrence Rogers, Jonathan Sheinberg

Released: April 28, 2007 (WorldFest-Houston), X-RAY Productions; 2009 (DVD)

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