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Exclusively Yours jewelry line by Marilyn Chambers, 1975
Exclusively Yours from Marilyn Chambers (1975)

Limited edition gold and silver jewelry line with designs by SALA and inspired by Marilyn, including her trademark belly chain. The ad at right appeared in few adult publications. It's unclear how successful the line was and how many pieces are still in existance.

The World's Most Sensuous Breadspread (1976)

The World's Most Sensuous Bedspread was advertised in Genesis magazine throughout the 1970s.

Marilyn Chambers' Singles Windjammer Cruise (1976)

"Singles only, please. No uptights."

Marilyn Chambers' Love Oil (1980)

Ads for Marilyn Chambers' Love Oil were featured on select covers of Club magazine in the early '80s. It's unclear what ingredients were in the love oil but it was likely baby oil in a different bottle.

Marilyn Chambers' Love Oil, 1980s
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