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Other Film & Video Appearances

Marilyn Chambers' Ivory Snow box appears prominently in The Exorcist, 1973

Ellen Burstyn knows that Ivory Snow is the best detergent to remove the devil's vomit stains from priest's clothing. (The Exorcist, 1973)

Marilyn Chambers in Person, Club magazine 8MM film, 1980

Still from Club 8MM #127, Marilyn Chambers in Person, filmed and released in 1980.

Jessie St. James and Eric Edwards decide which movie to Netflix and chill to in Charli (1980). 

If you have to watch a movie while driving, Behind the Green Door is a good choice. (The Cannonball Run, 1981) 

Electric Blue 001 starring Marilyn Chambers, 1980
A Night on the Town starring Marilyn Chambers, 1982
Cameo: The Exorcist (1973)

OK, this might be reaching a bit but after Father Karras (Jason Miller) gets drenched by pea soup vomit, we see Chris MacNeil ironing freshly laundered cleric's clothing. While it's only onscreen for a few seconds Marilyn's infamous Ivory Snow box can be seen in the wash area.

Special Appearance: Club Magazine 8MM Films (1980)

Before VHS became the go-to for at-home entertainment, 8MM films ruled the landscape. Club magazine produced its own silent 8MM adult films and sold them exclusively in their publications. Marilyn appeared in three: Marilyn Chambers in PersonEncore and Marilyn Chambers in the Cat House. All were filmed and released in 1980. They each cost $29.95 (close to $100 in 2019) and Club sold viewing machines as well.

Cameo: Charli (1981)

Charli was a 1981 X-rated film starring Jessie St. James. During a crucial scene St. James tempts her husband, played by Eric Edwards, with a porn video: Insatiable. Stu Segall, who directed Insatiable, also directed Charli. St. James appeared with Marilyn in Insatiable. 

Cameo: The Cannonball Run (1981)

A massive Hollywood box office hit in 1981, The Cannonball Run starred Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Roger Moore, Dom DeLuise and an all-star cast. Among those was Jackie Chan whose character distracts and nearly kills himself while driving by putting in a videotape of Behind the Green Door.

Hostess: Electric Blue 001 & 002 (1980), 009 (1981)​​, Electric Blue: The Movie (1982)

Electric Blue was a British softcore video magazine produced from 1980-1987 in conjunction with Men Only and Club International magazines. It was also broadcast on the Playboy Channel in the U.S. Marilyn acted as hostess of the second installment in the original British version in 1980. When the series was released and broadcasted in the US, that same footage was used for the first installment,replacing original hostess Fiona Richmond. This was done presumably because Marilyn's name and appearance would help boost sales. As hostess Marilyn introduced segments which mostly featured tits and ass. A LOT of tits and ass.


While the footage featuring Marilyn is nearly identical in Electric Blue 001 and 002, the second installment featured a longer segment of Marilyn dancing nude in a nightclub. Marilyn's segments were likely filmed in London in 1979, around the time of Sex Confessions and Insatiable. She appeared as hostess of Electric Blue 009 in 1981 in which she engages in a rather tame poolside oil rubdown with another woman and closes the video with a dive into the pool.​ Electric Blue: The Movie recycled footage from these appearances, but they used Marilyn's name heavily in the advertising to sell the picture.

Hostess: Night On the Town (1982)​​

Night on the Town was released on home video in 1982 by Kenyon Video. It's a one-hour tape concentrating on the New York nightclub Cage aux Folles and features on-stage acts -- both male and female -- as well as scenes in the dressing rooms. Marilyn appears twice, fully clothed, and lipsyncs to "Shame On You" and "Morning Noon and Nite Time;" both tunes were featured in Insatiable.

Interviewee: Playboy Video Magazine, Vol. 4 (1983)​​

The big draw when this was released was the video profile of slain Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, who appears on the box cover. Marilyn is profiled ("Queen of 'X'"), as is Willie Nelson and video centerfold Barbara Edwards. The video has become a collector's item due to Stratten's appearance.

Cameo: The First Annual XRCO Awards...An Evening to Remember (1985)​​

Also known as A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards, this video is the filmed X-Rated Critics Organization awards banquet and reception held in Hollywood on February 14, 1985. It is inter-cut with hardcore scenes from the nominated films. While Marilyn herself doesn't appear at the reception, this video is important as it shows not only her win for Best Kink Scene in Insatiable II (with Jamie Gillis), but also her induction in the XRCO Hall of Fame, the first year they inducted films, actors, actresses and filmmakers. Behind the Green Door also was entered into the Hall of Fame.

Archival Footage: Legends of Porn (1987) & Legends of Porn II (1989)

Hosted by adult film historian Jim Holliday, these two massively popular compilation videos feature clips from previously released adult films like Insatiable. All the top male and female stars are included.

Archival Footage: Playboy's The Story of X: 100 Years of Adult Film and Its
Stars (1998)

Buck Henry (who wrote the screenplay for The Owl and the Pussycat), hosts this Playboy-produced documentary about sex and porn in the 20th century. Clips from Behind the Green Door and Insatiable are featured as is news footage from the press conference in New York after it was revealed that Marilyn was the Ivory Snow girl. The best footage of Marilyn is a brief clip of her talking about the sexual revolution that was filmed on the set of Private Fantasies #4.

Archival Footage: The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time (1999)

In case the title didn't give it away, VCA Pictures, who signed Marilyn to a three-picture deal the same year this direct-to-video special was released, counts down the top 25 adult stars of all time. Marilyn is on the list, cause, you know, obviously...

Interviewee: The Naked Feminist (2004)

A documentary about sex-positive feminists working in the porn industry. Marilyn is interviewed among others including Ginger Lynn, Veronica Hart, Annie Sprinkle and Candida Royalle.

Interviewee: Inside Deep Throat (2005)

Excellent documentary about the infamous blue movie. Marilyn isn't in the film, sadly, but she is featured in one of the extra segments on the DVD called "The Zen of Deep Throat." This leads me to believe she was interviewed in depth for the film but her material wasn't used.

Cameo: Imps* (2009)

Filmed in 1983 but shelved for over 25 years, imps* (an acronym for Immoral Minority Picture Show), featured skits, vignettes and parodies by stars including Linda Blair, Colleen Camp, Michael McKean and Fred Willard. Marilyn appears in one very brief skit. 

Interviewee: Linda Lovelace's Loose Lips: The Final Interview (2013)

Legs McNeil, who co-authored the wonderful book The Other Hollywood, about the history of the modern porn industry, features clips from Linda Lovelace's final onscreen interviews. Material from these interviews was used in his book. Interviews with Marilyn are also featured, specifically discussing Chuck Traynor and his relationship with Lovelace. 

An ad from Club magazine promoting the home video release Night on the Town, September 1982. 

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