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My Therapist (1984)

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, David Winn, Roger Newman, Buck Flower, Robbie Lee, Milt Kogan, Judith Jordan, Kate Ward

Director: Gary Lego

Producer: Robert Grasmere, Rick Nathanson, Josef Shaftel, John Ward 

Writer: Mel Goldberg

Released: Date Unknown, 1984, TPL Productions

My Therapist is actually several episodes of Marilyn's 1983 soap opera Love Ya', Florence Nightingale edited together into a feature length film. Florence Nightingale was an expansion of Marilyn's 1979 one woman show Sex Surrogate, titled Sex Confessions in the UK. That show was filmed for the Playboy Channel in 1982 but not released on video until 1988. My Therapist received a very limited theatrical release in the UK in 1984 before being released on home video in the US and UK in 1985. 


In terms of historical importance it's a good thing we have My Therapist as it's the only available record of her soap opera. In both she plays Kelly Carson, a sex surrogate who tries to help different male clients overcome their sexual hangups. She has a boyfriend, played by David Winn, who is slightly embarrassed by her profession and tries not to feel jealous of her having sex with other men. One of Kelly's key clients is a drug addicted country music superstar, played by Buck Flower, who likes young girls but faces problems of impotency. 

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Above: British quad poster for the UK release of My Therapist. Left: Promotional still for the UK release of My Therapist.

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