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Marilyn Chambers' First Blue Disc, featured in Club Magazine, 1980
Blue Disc (Club Magazine, 1980)Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Chambers' The Bedside Companion adult toy catalog, 1980
Marilyn Chambers' First Blue Disc (1980)

Attached to the cover of the February 1980 issue of Club magazine was this, a flex-disc playable on any record player with Marilyn narrating a scripted, phone sex-type raunchy dialogue.

Win a Hot Tub Date with Marilyn Chambers (1983)

Entry forms were featured on the cover of Club magazine, 1983. Did anyone actually win?

The Bedside Companion (1980)

Adult toy and gift catalog attached to select issues of Club magazine.

Porn Walk of Fame (1980, 1998)

There are two so-called porn "Walks of Fame" in Los Angeles, and each features hand (and sometimes foot) prints of celebrated adult film stars. The first is located at 7734 Santa Moncia Blvd in West Hollywood in front of the gay sex club Studs. The building used to be home to the Pussycat Theater and in May 1980, Marilyn was immortalized with hand and foot prints after the premiere of Insatiable. She was only the second female porn star to be honored; Linda Lovelace was the first. Footage of the ceremony exists and is included on several Insatiable DVD editions.


The second "walk of fame" is in front of Larry Flynt's Hustler Hollywood Store. The original address was 8920 Sunset Boulevard and at the store's opening in 1998, over 20 adult icons placed their hand prints in cement, including Marilyn's. More were added later. In 2012 the store (and hand prints) moved to 6540 Hollywood Boulevard directly on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Insatiable Iron-On (1981)

Marilyn appeared on the June 1981 cover of Club magazine wearing a black t-shirt with the Insatiable logo emblazoned across the front. Club claimed they received countless letters from readers asking where they could purchase one of the shirts. Instead of selling the shirts directly, they included an iron-on attached to a later issue of the magazine. The iron-on was on flimsy paper stock and few survive.

The Survival Store (1980s)

In 1982, Marilyn, Chuck Traynor and Bob Irwin invested in The Survival Store, a guns and ammunition shop located at 3250 Pollux Ave. in Las Vegas. Marilyn posed for promotional photos and posters toting large machine guns, and several pictures of her using firearms in the Nevada desert were published in Club magazine.

Vice Presidential Campaign (2004)

Fun fact: Marilyn Chambers ran for Vice President of the United States. Nowadays it probably wouldn't seem unusual to have a porn star in the White House, but Marilyn and her running mate, Charles Jay, were just ahead of their time. They received a total of 946 votes and ran on the libertarian Personal Choice Party ticket.

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