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Insatiable II (1984)

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Juliet Anderson, Valerie LaVeaux, Shanna McCollough, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Dee

Director & Producer: Godfrey Daniels II (aka Stu Segall)

Writer: Manny Haten

Released: March 8, 1984 (US), Miracle Films

In Hollywood, sequels are generally considered to never be as good as the original. The same is true for adult films. Insatiable II doesn't nearly live up to the magic and sexual energy of its predecessor. Marilyn reprises her role as Sandra Chase. Juliet Anderson, best known as "Aunt Peg," plays Morgan Templeton, a writer who gets the break of a lifetime when she's permitted an in-depth interview with Ms. Chase. 

Probably the weakest film in Marilyn's canon, Insatiable II was heavily-promoted with in-person appearances at adult theaters, but it premiered at a time when theaters were on the outs and home video was rapidly gaining prominence. The production values of Insatiable II were sub-par compared to the original, with a laughably bad soundtrack, terrible performances (even a rare dull performance by Marilyn) and some of the most un-sexy sex ever committed to celluloid. The infamous pool table scene from Insatiable was recycled and feels like a cop-out; a shameless attempt to capitalize on the original film's notoriety and a poor move on the producers' part by reminding the audience that, indeed, the first was better.

According to Juliet Anderson, Marilyn was not pleasant to be around on the set of Insatiable II. She was quoted in Jill Nelson's book Golden Goddesses: "I didn't like Marilyn Chambers because she had a nasty attitude from day one. She walked into the set -- she strode in and pushed everyone aside and said, 'Get out of my way, I'm Marilyn Chambers.'...She was very spoiled with a very nasty attitude, but you'd never notice it in the film that we were in together because I made a point of being good at stopping it at that. I never would have chosen to do another film with her."

The S&M scene with Jamie Gillis won an XRCO Award for Best Kinky Scene at the First Annual XRCO Awards in 1985, produced by the X-Rated Critics Organization. Neither Marilyn nor Gillis were on-hand to accept the award; it was accepted on their behalf by Harry Reems.​ Marilyn was nominated for Best Actress but lost to Ginger Lynn.


In a March 1985 interview with the San Francisco Examiner, Marilyn stated that pre-production had begun on Insatiable III, but the film never came to fruition.


Left: Japanese poster for Insatiable II. Right: Promotional flyer for the video release of Insatiable II.

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