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Dark Chambers (2000)

Marilyn Chambers in Dark Chambers, 2000

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Erica Boyer, Bianca Jordan, Asia Carrera, Lauren Montgomery, Herschel Savage, Joey Ray, Tyce Bune, L.T. Turner

Director: Veronica Hart

Producer: Chanze & Veronica Hart (as Jane Hamilton)

Writer: Richard DeWitt

Released: June 2000, VCA Pictures

Film noir meets virtual reality meets a whole lot of plot holes and even more sex in Marilyn's second of three comeback films for VCA Pictures and director Veronica Hart (Jane Hamilton). The movie plays more as a series of vignettes, a la Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies, than a linear, plot-driven story. The vignettes are tied together (sort of) at the end by the big reveal of virtual reality.

Marilyn appears much more confident and relaxed in Dark Chambers than in Still Insatiable. Also, she's re-teamed with Herschel Savage, for the first time since Private Fantasies, and Erica Boyer, her former protege, who was encouraged by Marilyn's comeback to come out of retirement for the chance to work with Marilyn once more. The two appeared together in the Mitchell Brothers-produced shorts Never a Tender Moment and Beyond de Sade in 1979.  

Marilyn Chambers in Dark Chambers, 2000
Marilyn Chambers in Dark Chambers, 2000
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