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Angel of H.E.A.T. (1983)

Marilyn Chambers in Angel of H.E.A.T., 1983

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Stephen Johnson, Mary Woronov, Milt Kogan, Remy O'Neill​

Director: Myrl A. Schreibman

Producer: Myrl A. Schreibman and Hal Kant

Writer: Helen Sanford

Released: July 1983 (US)

Also Known As: The Protectors, Book #1; Doble Riesgo (Double Risk)

Angel of H.E.A.T. gets a bad rap but it's not as terrible as one would have you believe. Despite the plot, dated special effects and some terrible dialogue, it's buoyed by good performances, especially Marilyn's, and a sense of amusement. Plus the film has karate, mud wrestling, river rafting, and sex with robots. So let's be honest: this is probably the greatest movie ever made. Marilyn plays Angel Harmony, a sort of female James Bond, who has been assigned a mission to stop a mad scientist and his team of androids from world domination. H.E.A.T., by the way, stands for Harmony's Elite Assault Team.

The film, originally called The Protectors, was conceived as a television movie for cable TV in 1981. A note in the Names & Faces column in The Boston Globe on November 16, 1981 states: "Marilyn Chambers is starring in a movie destined for pay-cable TV viewers. Producer-director Myrl Schreibman says the actress, who gained fame as a porno star in the 1970s with an X-rated flick called 'Behind the Green Door,' will play Angel Harmony in an 007- type spoof called 'The Protectors.' Schreibman reportedly said the movie will contain some nudity and definitely would get only an 'R' rating if shown in theaters."


Myrl Shreibman told me in 2013: "I will say that Marilyn was the most professional actress I have ever worked with, and I've worked with people like Richard Harris and others, but Marilyn was the most professional. She always knew her lines. She was great to work with." 

Spanish lobby card for Marilyn Chambers in Doble Riesgo (Angel of H.E.A.T.), 1983

Spanish lobby card for Angel of H.E.A.T., titled Doble Riesgo (Double Risk). Marilyn is pictured with Stephen Johnson and Mary Woronov.

Marilyn Chambers in Angel of H.E.A.T., 1983
Marilyn Chambers in Angel of H.E.A.T., 1983
Marilyn Chambers in Angel of H.E.A.T., 1983

Promotional stills for Angel of H.E.A.T.

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